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Petroleum Engineering Jobs & Specialization Areas

In every phase of the upstream oil and gas business, petroleum engineers have key responsibilities including the initial stages of exploration to the final abandonment of depleted oil and gas fields. The challenges presented by the rapidly changing business and technological environment of the modern oil industry is solved by specialized petroleum engineering training provided in certain institutes and through in-house company programs for engineers.

Demand for Petroleum Engineers

The demand for petroleum engineers is very high in today's competitive oil and gas industry. Most entry level petroleum engineers choose one of three primary petroleum engineering specialties to work in, namely, reservoir engineering, drilling engineering and production engineering.

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Petroleum Reservoir Engineers

They work to optimize oil and gas recovery. Petroleum reservoir engineering is critical to every stage of the oil and gas production process. Reservoir engineers estimate potential reserves in prospective oil and gas producing areas and contribute to economic analyses of planned drilling projects using data provided by geologists and geophysicists.

Drilling Engineers

They are responsible for safe and efficient drilling operations. Drilling engineers oversee every aspect of drilling wells safely and effectively. Drilling equipment, drilling fluids and drilling techniques to be used for testing exploration prospects and for development of oil and gas fields when exploratory drilling finds commercial oil and gas reservoirs are specified by them.

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Petroleum Production Engineers

They oversee operations from completion to abandonment. They design completion procedures for bringing wells into production and specify surface equipment for separating the oil, gas and produced water prior to sale of the products.

According to statistics, an average new graduate with a petroleum engineering degree earns a starting salary of more than $80,000 per year. The key positions of responsibility throughout the oil and gas industry are hold by workers with excellent training in petroleum engineering.

KIER aims to train the best of minds and transform them as readily employable upstream Oil & Gas professionals by giving clear guidance for every student, providing a good mix of theory and practice, use of very latest technology and an overall focus in quality.

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