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Multipurpose Outdoor Camping Gear: Saves You Space & Money!


When going for an outdoor camping gear you need to pack light. However, this does not mean that you can leave the essential things behind. Therefore, instead of packing different things for different purposes, you could carry one single tool that serves all the purpose. For instance, you could carry a Swiss Army Knife that has many applications other than just a cutting tool. Likewise, many such tools can serve multi purposes. Here are some of the multipurpose outdoor camping gear items that could prove very useful:

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Knives: As mentioned earlier, carrying a multipurpose knife is essential while going for a camping trip. Such a knife not only helps in cleaning and gutting a fish or cutting the strings off a tent but it also helps in protecting you against wild animals. A multipurpose knife has several blades for different applications. Some of these knives also have a small screwdriver and even a small storage space.

Shorts: As most of you prefer carrying a light backpack for a trip, you cannot pack in too many clothes changes. Therefore, you ought to have clothes that can be worn whether you are going for fishing, hiking or just camping. Multipurpose shorts are the ideal outdoor camping clothes as they are water repellant too, making it easier to carry out various tasks comfortably. Most of these shorts have six pockets and additional space to stuff in things essential for a trip.

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Flashlights: Flashlights are necessary for any camping trip. The multipurpose flashlights have various applications such as serving as a lantern, a screwdriver, bottle opener, red light, carabineer, scissors and window punch. They are very compact too making it worthwhile to be taken for a camping trip.

Monopods: Most people love to take photographs during their camping trip. A very essential multipurpose outdoor gear for such photography enthusiasts is the monopod, which doubles up as a resting place for your binoculars and compass while helping in stabilizing the shot during a photo op. The monopod has adjustable legs that can be extended and retracted as per requirement. Some of these monopods are waterproof as well.

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