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General Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Regular servicing is a must for any vehicletomake sure thatthey run smooth and performs well. Though new vehicles may not require frequent servicing normally, it may require servicing at times depending on the condition of the vehicle and the distance travelled. This is very important, especially in cases of used cars, where it is difficult to say whether the prior owner of the vehicle did regular servicing, or any maintenance work at all.

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General Maintenance & Car Caring

Always make sure to check the fluids of the vehicle regularly. Check the engine oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid etc. regularly. One common issue in used cars is leakage of engine oil or brake fluid. So keep this in mind to ensure a safe and hassles free driving experience.

Tire pressure is another important thing that needs attention and needs to be checked at least once in a month. Check with an auto mechanic to see what the optimum tire pressure should be. It depends on the type of tires used and the type of vehicle as well.

If there is a loud noise that seems to be coming from underneath the vehicle, it might be due to a possible leak in the exhaust. For used cars this is a common issue and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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Check the wipers about every three months or when the season changes. They are to be replaced at least once a year. If wipers are not changed for a long time, they may cause scratches on the windshield that can decrease the value of the vehicle. Also, it makes it difficult in case of rains or snow, where the vipers are not able wipe the raindrops from the windshield properly and the visibility is affected which is a very dangerous issue.

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