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Survey Finds Americans More Conscious of Health Care Costs

For starters, the survey conducted this past Original site April found that 81% of households had a family member who had received health care services in the last year, compared to 80% in the 2010 survey. However, 16% of those who had received health services compared prices before making a decision, marking a 5% increase compared to 2010.

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The most popular source consumers checked for pricing was a doctor’s office, which was cited by half of the households, although that number was down 10% from 2010. At the same time, consumers inquired with insurers on pricing at a 49% rate this year, an increase of 23% from 2010.More than half of these people received their information in-person in 2012 while the rate of those who obtained pricing information online and by e-mail doubled since 2010.
In the survey taken this year, without regard to age or income, just less than two-thirds of respondents said the information they received influenced their purchasing decision. It’s good to see that consumers are more aggressively seeking out the better prices for their health care needs.

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