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Wide Plank Flooring – The Best Choice for Your Home

Wide plank hardwood flooring is becoming a popular flooring choice in modern homes these days. If you wish to give yourhome a face lift and shower it with charm and style, then go for this form of wooden floor. They are not only fabulous, but offer a lot of advantages and can turn your dreams of a perfect home into a reality.

They are usually made of solid wood planks. The unique designs that form on their surface will replicate the distinct artistry of nature. Such wonderful piece of craftsmanship is sure to entice anyone. Moreover, its toughness and resilience will provide your home a lifelong value as well.

Wide Plank flooring installation in Dublin - Noyeks.ie

What You Should Know:

Delicate wood types are not suitable for floors as they are not tough and strong. Normally the type of wood that is used for wide plank flooring are solid oak flooring and Cedar hardwood flooring. If you wish to have wood floors that are eye catching, you can go with Walnut flooring, Redwood, Ebony, Rubber wood or Teak flooring.

One of the best things about wide plank flooring is that evenifit’s damaged, it can be returned to its former condition without having to remodel the whole floor. This is advantageous especially for sections that are subjected to heavy traffic andload. Wide plank flooring is strong and can deal with tremendous traffic and involve onlyminor repair after a period of wear and tear.

Wide Plank flooring in Dublin - Noyeks.ie

Taking care to maintain your wood plank flooring in good condition is very essential to make sure they last long. You should clean the floor on a regular basis to remove anyunwanted particles. You may use a hardwood vacuum cleaner, or a gentle brush to clean up your floors and keep them in good condition.

The only thing to be concerned about wooden floorings is the presence of too much water. So mop up any spills straight away with a cloth and let them dry completely. You can also use wax to keep your floors looking polished and shiny as well as giving them additional protection from excessive scratches.

Noyeks supplies timber panel products, kitchens, kitchen doors and accessories, hardwood flooring, decorative laminates, decking, interior doors and associated products to merchants, shop fitters, office furniture manufacturers, carpenters and joiners and the general public, countrywide. The company also provides wide plank flooring and installation.

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